Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency Ltd. (WAZE) was established on  October 30th, 2009 for the realization of tasks of Local Government concerning the energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Wielkopolska. The Agency has been created with the support of European grant of Intelligent Energy Europe II Program (IEE), that is a part of Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation 2007-2013 (CIP).

The main tasks for WAZE’s project is the coordination of some issues relating to energy area and energy efficiency in the region, as well as the harmonization of dispersed actions that are undertaken by every player in this field (consolidation of the environment).

A very important part of WAZE activity is the education in order to raise public awareness on the rational use of energy resources. The main goal of these actions is to implement the provisions of two the most important EU directives defining the target indicators for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the energy balance of each EU country.


WAZE’s Vision:

Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency

promotion and knowledge centre

on Energy Efficiency

and Renewable Energy Sources


List of shareholders of WAZE:

1. Wielkopolska Region

2. The Association of Wielkopolska Municipalities and Counties

3. Polish Society of Energy Certification

4. Czarnków&Trzcianka County

5. Gniezno County

6. Oborniki Wlkp. County

7. Kalisz County

8. Nowy Tomyśl County

9. Ostrów Wlkp. County

10. Grodzisk County

11. Koło County

12. Słupca County

13. Września County

14. Chodzież County

15. Złotów County

16. Konin County

17. Piła County

18. Wągrowiec County

19. Abrys Ltd.

20. Hydroelectric Power Station Żarki

21. HEKO Halina Karmolińska-Słotkowska Ltd.

Management Board directs the activities of the Company, manages its assets and represents the Company in all judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. The Management Board of Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency Ltd. is one-man board: Alicja Nowak, Chairman of the Board.


A statutory body, next to Shareholders’ Meeting, Supervisory Board and the Board, is the Advisory Committee, which is the consultative body on the Agency work program and the advisory body for Supervisory Board and the Management Board.